Montpellier Natural Stone

The Montpellier Difference

What makes a Montpellier fireplace different?

A combination of three basic ingredients:
supreme craftsmanship, distinctive design and superior finishing.


This seemingly simple formula belies a complex production process which ultimately results in a fireplace as close to perfection as it is possible to be. Each Montpellier surround reflects unbending attention to detail: from the initial selection and processing of premium quality blocks; to the painstaking efforts of local craftsmen to fashion the unique material into a work of sculpture; to a rigorous and thorough quality control procedures.

This is the most heartbreaking stage in the process. Allowing for natural veins and other characteristics inherent in marble, if a fireplace is not virtually flawless, it doesn't make the cut. Many a disappointed artist has seen his unique creation, the result of hours of work, rejected for a minor and seemingly imperceptible flaw. Montpellier craftsmen, cognisant of this relentless scrutiny, submit only their very best work for final inspection.

Sculpted By Hand

Not many people believe this but each Montpellier fireplace is made by hand from start to finish with the most basic tools, using the same techniques as sculptors. The distinctive finish on all our surrounds is achieved by polishing the surface by hand, literally.

Once quality control is complete, each piece of the precious cargo is carefully hand-wrapped, then placed in purpose built boxes, ready for shipment.

That's why we can say hand on heart, our fireplaces are made entirely by hand...and with love x

From quarry to showroom…

Watch our video to learn about the journey of each Montpellier fireplace from quarry to showroom.