Montpellier Natural Stone

The Tartan Collection


The linear perfection and innate elegance of tartans are effectively translated into marble as seen here in the Maclaren fireplace. Shown here in Bianco Persiano marble. Available in 48” and 54” sizes.

  • Sizes available
    • 48”
      Overall height105041.25
      Overall width113044.5
      Shelf length122048
      Shelf depth2258.25
      Hearth length122048
      Hearth depth38015
      Hearth typeboxed and lipped
      Opening height77030.5
      Opening width77030.5
      Back panel/slipsyes
    • 54”
      Overall height112044
      Overall width127050
      Shelf length137054
      Shelf depth2309
      Hearth length137054
      Hearth depth46018
      Hearth typeboxed and lipped
      Opening height82032.25
      Opening width87034
      Back panel/slipsyes
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  • Materials available
    • Bianco Persiano
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Leg detail of Maclaren in premium Bianco Persiano marble

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