Montpellier Natural Stone

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San Francisco

Our take on the classic Bolection, this elegant, restrained design with undulating lines in the legs and fascia, is a tribute to supreme craftsmanship. In simpler designs such as this, accuracy of hand-carving takes on a greater importance as there is no embellishment to offer any distraction. Available in 48” and 54” sizes and in both our Bianco Persiano and Creme Classico marble and Honed Limestone.

  • Sizes available
    • 48”
      Overall height102040
      Overall width114045
      Shelf length114045
      Shelf depth1405.5
      Hearth length122048
      Hearth depth38015
      Hearth typewaterfall
      Opening height79031
      Opening width80031.5
      Back panel/slipsyes
    • 54”
      Overall height112044
      Overall width127050
      Shelf length127054
      Shelf depth1405.5
      Hearth length137054
      Hearth depth46018
      Hearth typewaterfall
      Opening height87034.25
      Opening width89035
      Back panel/slipsyes
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  • Materials available
    • Bianco Persiano
    • Crème Classico
    • Persiano Limestone
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The San Francisco is shown in premium Bianco Persiano marble.
The San Francisco is shown in premium Bianco Persiano marble.
Detail of the fascia form the San Francisco in Honed Persiano Limestone
The San Francisco in Honed Persiano Limestone with Chesney's Universal Basket and Spherical Dogs

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