Corporate Social Responsibility

We are not just jumping on the CSR bandwagon. Since we started back in 1997, we have been incorporating sustainable practices into our production process and supply chain. We believe we have a responsibility to minimise our impact on both the local and wider environment. Our initiatives and plans are committed to keeping our carbon footprint low. These include lowering our energy consumption, recycling water and materials, minimising waste and looking after the welfare of our employees by creating a fulfilling and safe working environment for them.

We are delighted that our factory is consistently held up as an example to other companies during annual health & safety checks. We are constantly striving to ensure all our production practices are sustainable and protect the wellbeing of all people involved in the production of our fireplaces.

The factory where our fireplaces are produced has dormitories and a canteen, so our stonemasons, many of whom live on site during the week are spared an arduous daily commute. They have comfortable and clean accommodation while on site and receive free breakfast, lunch and a light evening meal at our on-site canteen. Most of our chief masons have been with us since the company started and they are involved in training the next generation.

We are always looking at ways of supporting community projects at home and abroad where our factory is located.

In Cheltenham where Montpellier HQ is located, Eve Iravani (a founding partner) volunteers at the University of Gloucestershire Growth Hub for Entrepreneurs mentoring young people setting up and growing new businesses. She is also on the Gloucestershire SEED Funding Panel which provides match funding for local businesses looking to scale and thereby create further jobs in Gloucestershire.