How to care for your marble fireplace

Care and maintenance of your Montpellier fire surround

The care and maintenance of your marble or limestone fire surround is a simple process providing you take care with substances such as tea, coffee, red wine which are likely to stain or corrode the surface of the material. Our marble fireplaces should only be buffed with special marble polish and no detergents should be used.  For our limestone fireplaces, you can wash the fireplace with a solution of warm water and a drop of gentle detergent. Scuffs can be with polished out with a wet'n'dry pad.

Please contact us for any specific advice or should you need help with stubborn stains on your Montpellier marble or limestone fireplace.


For cleaning and protecting your fireplace we recommend the Fila range of products available from Fila Surface Care Solutions. This range of products has been especially formulated for marble, limestone, travertine and granite with the result that all the items in the range complement one another.

Special care with Limestone Fireplaces

Limestone is extremely porous and therefore liable to stain. Always ensure that limestone surfaces or fireplaces are sealed with a specialist product before use. The sealing process should be carried out at regular intervals, say twice a year; to ensure the limestone is protected. Always use specialist limestone cleaning products for stain removal or simple cleaning and maintenance. NEVER USE FURNITURE SPRAY OR HOUSEHOLD CLEANING PRODUCTS ON YOUR LIMESTONE FIREPLACE.

Routine care of your marble fireplace

Your marble fireplace has a polished surface so is easy to keep clean.  You can dust this routinely with a soft cloth and if you wish to polish it from time to time, please use only marble polish. Wipe any spills immediately, especially acidic liquids such as fruit juice or wine. Avoid dropping anything onto the surface or resting on the marbl surface as this can cause chipping and cracking. Specialist care kits can help preserve the condition of your marble over the long term.  NEVER USE FURNITURE SPRAY OR HOUSEHOLD CLEANING PRODUCTS ON YOUR MARBLE FIREPLACE.

Routine care of your slate hearth and back panel / slips

Slate is a softer material than marble or granite so take care to avoid scratching this, for instance when you are moving a fire front from you gas fire or loading a solid fuel stove. To clean and maintain your slate hearth we suggest a commercial slate oil. NEVER USE FURNITURE SPRAY OR HOUSEHOLD CLEANING PRODUCTS ON YOU SLATE HEARTH AND SLIPS.